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Our servers on top of battle-tested and trusted data center provide in east Europe

3D Model

You are free to choose any of our custom 3D product modeling services to strengthen your product marketing efforts, reach a new level of customer awareness and significantly increase your sales. We create accurate lifelike 3D models of commercial products of any type that can easily improve marketing strategies and talk about the product in more detail.

Events and Socializing

Run your next event
in the Touch-cast Metaverse. The world’s most iconic organizations are moving their communications into the future.

Virtual Working Space

Integrate our next-gen workstation solutions via synchronized metaverse spaces, and engage your employees in a distant yet real-time work environment.

Virtual try-On

Soluzy offer a purchasing journey where customers can try products virtually, either online (on mobile devices) or in-store (using touchscreen kiosks and magic mirrors).
Thanks to augmented reality technology, visitors can see what the product looks like when they wear it even as they continue to customize it. They can then share the photo on social media.

Avatar Development

We are experts in building customizable avatars for metaverse enterprises focused on gaming, real estate, education, NFT trading and more. We create and integrate hyper-realistic 3D avatars into your project for a realistic metaverse experience.

AR VR App Development

Soluzy is a AR VR development company that helps start-ups and establishments employ the raw power of augmented and virtual reality to enthrall users and multiply your ROI. Soluzy build AR/VR apps that give unbelievable twists to mundane processes to deliver immersive customer experience and satisfy next-generation users.


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